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The Cure For Stinky Basements

When you open the door to your basement, do you notice an earthy aroma?  Does it feel damp?  Do you have asthma or sensitive allergies?  If you answered yes to any of these questions and live in the Flathead Valley, Montana, we have great news for you.  Complete Restoration specializes in drying, waterproofing, and remodeling [...]

Storm Warning – HELP!

Northwest Montana storms can be as hazardous to your property as they are beautiful to watch move through the Flathead Valley.  Storm damage to your home comes in many forms – trees down on buildings, roofing dented from hail or blown off in a high wind and basement flooding are just a few frequent offenders. [...]

Spring Carpet Cleaning Special

Mud season in Northwest Montana has a very common effect on household and business floors – darkened traffic paths criss-crossing through your rooms and trailing out the front door. Seasonal cleaning of your carpets, area rugs and oriental rugs is a win-win for everyone.  Your floor coverings will last longer.  Your warranties will last longer.  [...]

Remove Mold Stains For Good with T2!

Complete Restoration is the Flathead Valley’s leading mold mitigation company.  When you discover a mold problem in your home or business property, it is important to act immediately and call the professionals for safe, effective mold removal. Interior mold is a sign of a moisture and ventilation problem – all of which can lead to [...]