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Carpet Cleaning

Flathead Valley Carpet Cleaning

Complete Restoration is your solution for returning your carpets to like-new condition.  With our state-of-the-art equipment,  select cleaning products and technician know-how, we spare nothing when treating your floor coverings.  It is our goal to brighten your carpet and freshen your home.

Many businesses and households go way too long between carpet cleanings.  In fact, often carpets are only cleaned between renters, or when the in-laws are coming to visit.  But did you know regular cleaning of your carpets will help keep rooms fresh and clean, and will help keep allergies at bay?  A carpet acts as an air filter, its fibers and pad continually trap and retain particles of dust, mold spores, dander -from sources in and outside the home. Deep cleaning the carpet will effectively cleanse that largest air filter!

Another wonderful benefit is that clean carpets do not wear out as quickly. For an affordable price, you can give your space a facelift and  help your carpets and rugs last longer.

Our carpet cleaning services  are conveniently available Monday through Friday, and we even offer evening appointments.  Contact us today for our carpet cleaning special of 3 bedrooms and a hall for only $119, or for more information on our dedicated Area  & Oriental Rug cleaning facility.

Area Rug and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning for Personal Items and Valuables