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Sewage Backups or Septic System Overflows

When Your Plumbing Revolts


Sewage spills are a surprisingly frequent form of biohazard event. These things should only happen to those we don’t like very much.  Murphy’s Law activates when you least expect this dreadful disaster. Maybe the house is full of guests putting the plumbing system under added stress, or the city was doing work on the sewer system down the block- or you just returned from a relaxing vacation and walked in to the smell from hell. Sewage spills can even occur away from home inside the plushest of recreational vehicles or cabin cruiser boats.

Spilled sewage must be handled as a biohazard when cleanup efforts are required inside a home or commercial building or RV. In the event of flooding or plumbing problems, sewers or septic tanks can back up and infiltrate via showers, tubs or toilets. Cleaning up gallons of poo is a nasty, messy job that leaves you just one good option and one horribly disgusting option. You can hire trained and fully equipped professionals to come in and do the job quickly, or you can go rent some equipment and attempt to clean it up yourself. It goes without saying, the worst option is to attempt the clean up yourself! We suggest you do yourself an enormous favor and don’t try to be the hero wandering painfully down Do-It-Yourself road with a biohazard cleanup.

A mix of raw sewage, toilet paper

Raw Sewage Is A BioHazard

Sewage deposits dangerous bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms into a living space, so it is classified by disaster pros as Category 3 -Black Water and needs urgent, aggressive extraction and treatment. Complete Restoration’s specially trained technicians quickly remove the sewage, contaminants, and any residual moisture from fixtures, floor and walls. Then we continue treatment to assure the area is deep cleaned, disinfected, deodorized and completely dried out (to prevent mold and bacterial growth). We can also analyze the cause of the backup and suggest plumbing repairs to prevent another occurrence.  
We send our work documentation to your insurance adjuster when there is coverage for the damage. (It is important that you visit with your insurance agent to confirm you have this specific coverage in your homeowners or renters policy. Not all policies automatically provide this important, affordable protection but it can usually be added by endorsement -before a sewer backup claim would occur.)
When a sewer spill occurs, don’t hesitate – Call us. We are ready to rush out 24/7 365 days a year (including holidays). We know how important it is to get that mess cleaned up -PRONTO- and can usually be on-site within an hour and immediately remove stress from the situation. Our phone number and other contact information is on every page of this website. Remember, you will also find Complete Restoration fast in the White Pages of most NW Montana Phone Books.