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Storm Damage

Repair Roof Damage Fast to Avoid Mold Problems

Weather in Northwest Montana is frequently unpredictable and downright fickle- if you drive five miles it is different, wait five minutes and it will change.  Weather systems advancing over Northwest Montana  ranges, Glacier Park and across the Flathead Valley can be awesome to observe, but they can also damage our homes and businesses with wind, hail, rain and heavy snowfall and ice. Springtime flooding is a risk in any year.

Rain torrents flood basements and hail storms may tear up roofs and siding.  Areas of the valley are very susceptible to damaging winds which topple trees and take down power lines.  Heavy snows collapse roofs and freeze/melt cycles create ice dams allowing water to enter structures and cause damage to building interiors.  These scenarios of water related damage and roof damage leave open the possibility of serious secondary damage from hidden and visible mold growth.



Repair Storm Damage Fast with Complete Restoration!

When storm damage strikes your Flathead Valley property, call Complete Restoration.  We’ll coordinate with your insurance company’s adjuster and act swiftly to repair the damage and return your property to its pre-damage condition, protecting you from further expense down the road.