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Water Damage

Water damaged wood floor

When a flood strikes your home or business, time is of the essence to stop the water damage and avoid diminishing the value of your property and health of its occupants.  Whether your flood was caused by an act of nature, mechanical malfunction or human error, it is important to quickly evaluate the hazards and take proper precautions.

In the Event of a Flood:

  1. Evaluate the situation – where is the water coming from, and can you safely get to the electric and gas shut offs?
  2. If you can reach them safely, access electric and gas shut off valves and turn them off.
  3. IF YOU CANNOT SAFELY TURN OFF ALL ELECTRIC POWER, REMOVE YOURSELF AND  OTHERS FROM THE AREA AND CALL 911.  Remember water (other fluids or moisture) and electricity are a potentially deadly combination. Play it safe at all times -personal safety is far more important than even the most extensive loss of personal property.
  4. If the water contains raw sewage or animal feces, avoid all contact. ‘Dark water’ is a biohazard.

Once the area is secured and safe:

  1. Move all items that can be salvaged immediately to another dry location
  2. Open doors, drawers and windows to air the flooded space out
  3. Get wet carpets, rugs, furniture, and books out of the flooded space and to a good place for drying
  4. For insurance purposes, take photos of all of your damaged items and the flood zone
  5. Try to remove as much of the water as possible

     Water wicking from wet floors into wallboard and wall cavity will quickly grow mold if not thoroughly dried to standard

Once you’ve taken these immediate steps, call your insurance agent and  Complete Restoration for professional water damage help.  Our water damage experts will assess the damage, control it and restore your property to pre-damage condition.  To be helpful, we’ll also provide suggestions to avoid a repeat of your water damage disaster.